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Demand Mechanics

So, a while back, we talked about doing a thing called Demand Mechanics. The idea is that we will do improvisational mechanic design: pull something out of a hat, bat ideas around for how to make mechanics about it. The video didn’t go up right away, due to none of us really knowing anything about video editing. At this point, we think it’s better to get it up than not, so here it is, in its raw unedited glory. It was fun to do, and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

In this half-hour segment, we design mechanics for the following things:

  • Feeling bad about killing orcs.
  • College exams

2 responses to “Demand Mechanics”

  1. With regards to the guilt-mechanics idea, I find that gaining additional information about the victim is often very fruitful. For a good example. see starting at about the 1:29:00 mark. Finding out what you destroyed after the fact, that the Ork had a family or was trying to broker peace. That kind of thing.

    Thanks for the video!