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Et in Arcadia Ego

The past few years have been notable. The war with Boney in the Peninsula rages on, with no end in sight, but at least we’ve managed to hold off the French from any gains. That fellow in Vienna, Beethoven, came out with an opera, I’m told, though only Boney’s officers got to hear it. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers was revealed to have been written by Lord Byron. There have been reports of unrest and violence to industry in the North.

Amongst all these worldly events, a smaller revolution has taken place, too: a select few ladies and gentlemen have rediscovered the ancient legacy of this scepter’d isle: the magic of Merlin Ambrosius.

And to top it all off, this very February, the Regency Act was passed, and for the first time, our King has been deemed unfit to rule, and his son has taken the reins of power as Prince Regent.

Truly, we live in interesting times.

Et in Arcadia Ego is a game of manners, madness and magic. Much like the world of Susannah Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, this is a game of magicians in Regency England.

IN DEVELOPMENT. Contact us to get us to run a demo!